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  "A set of Hollow Points® is ESSENTIAL on every  double locking tremolo, PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE"
 Paul Unkert, Master Luthier
 Paul Unkert

Paul Unkert is best known for his work with the Kramer® Guitar company and the famous artists that passed through there in the 1980's. Many people probably do not realize the famous guitars Paul has made through the years, most notably, the guitars made for Edward Van Halen. His work for Eddie includes the famous yellow and black double neck, the guitar featured in the Hot for Teacher video, and additionally, the parts found on the uber famous, 5150 guitar. In fact, if you do the timeline of events in VH guitar history, Paul's back of the neck shape work on the 5150 neck, made its way to the Ernie Ball® Axis® and EVH® signature line of guitars. Since Ernie Ball® modeled Eddie's 5150 for the neck shape and radius, it can be said that Paul has affected more in the guitar business than is known. 

Paul Unkert
(above Paul creating a custom made UNK for Eddie circa 2009, note the wooden neck and headstock)

Paul worked for Kramer® in the early years of the wood neck era, in addition to a portion of the aluminum era also. During that time, he was the main "luthier" in the shop who did the detail work, contributed on designs, and functioned as an artist relations guy as well by making guitars for many artists. Paul stayed out of the guitar business limelight for years by doing luthier work in Toms River, New Jersey. Later, Paul worked with Vaccaro Guitars which led to him forming his own line, Unk Guitars.

Paul's attention to the shifts and turns in the music industry caused him to find the revolutionary Hollow Point® Intonation System. His above quote sums up his feelings on the necessity of the Hollow Point® System on ALL double locking tremolos!

Thanks Paul!

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